ECE is the engineering course to learn about electronics and communications. Its implementation is wide spread, and it is almost found in all streams. Sporty presents this course backed up with stellar teaching performance and high end labs.

        The beauty of electronics is it is used everywhere. From electronic goods manufacturer to hospitals, it is implemented in many devices. So, the future for this stream is highly positive.

The microprocessors, mother boards, picture tubes, LED, LCD, etc. are various electronic items, and you know about the impact they have created on billions of people and world’s economy. You can be a part of this huge niche by getting into ECE at the engineering level.

        Apart from the electronics, you also have communications in this engineering. It is important in industries like telecommunications, posts & telegraph, defense, etc. The communications department is very crucial for important aspects, like country protection, etc.

By pursing ECE at BSNR, you can get some coolest jobs ever.

  • Design and develop satellites.
  • Use nanotechnology to create the smallest of the electronic items, albeit with superior performance.
  • Get into robotics, and design your own robot.

        Electronics can take you through the infinite moments of excellence, and to cherish and live in it, you have to join ECE, with the added benefit of Communications knowledge.

The Department of ECE was established in 2001 with an intake of 60 students in the UG program.

        The ECE department offers Undergraduate programs.  Electronics & Communication Engineering is one of the rapidly advancing fields in technological development arena with emerging ideas.  The department aims at training students advanced cutting edge technologies and imparts values so that they are equipped to deal successfully any challenges in life, by exploring and creating new avenues.  Students are taught to recognize their potential & use it for their best advantage. Our students are performing well in academics and they are encouraged in R&D activities and publishing papers in journals. They are participating in symposiums and seminars in various colleges and universities. They won the prizes in these events.